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Design and sizing of machine parts & other engineering calculations


In the mechanical engineering we meet with different calculations.

Often it are approximate calculations and preliminary calculations to determine costs.

Detailed calculations are performed only when it comes to a specific project.

We perform the following calculations:

  •  Machine parts (axles, shafts, gears, sprockets, bearings, couplings, screws ...)
  •  Transmissions (gear, chain and belt drive, screwgears ...)
  •  welded and bolted connections
  •  pipelines (work point of a pump and optimizing the pipe size)
  •  pneumatic systems
  •  pneumatic conveying
  •  heat exchangers, furnaces
  •  conveyors and conveyor systems
  •  cranes
  • pressure vessels

For all calculations, which require the signature of the authorized engineers (eg. pressure vessels, steel structures, etc.)we engage appropriate engineer for detailed calculation.

Some parts of our calculations can be found here.

Sketch for the calculation of shafts and gears

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