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Design of machines and equipment


Design of a new product requires lot knowledge, skills, but also compromises.

Generally, it takes place over three levels:

  • Basic engineering - the idea, analysis of the idea, economic viability, barriers, schedule, costs estimate...
  • Detail engineering - development of selected idea, contacts with suppliers, permits...
  • Design - optimization of the construction, manufacturing drawings, parts lists...

Today's development includes multidisciplinary cooperation at all levels.

Very often it is a collaboration with food engineers, chemical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, economists, marketing experts and others.

We met with a variety of problems, from the choice and availability of materials, requirements and wishes of the process engineer, to the various problems in the manufacture of the product due to complex technology.

Much discussion and coordination, cooperation and compromise are necessary, to refine a product and at the end to produce first prototype.

The right concept for the design of a new product or an existing design is very important.

It is necessary to define the objectives. Then, market situation and existing solutions should be investigated before you start developing. Usually, first a few different ideas are discussed. Ideas will be analyzed, evaluated and finally the best is selected, for further development.

We have the experience in design of simpler products and machines.

Also, we have worked on the design of complex products on some particular part or assembly.

Gladly, we will start with the development of your new idea, analyze existing solutions and offer suggestions and solutions required.

We support all of the above with the report.

Furthermore, we will be happy to join your design or drafting team!

Example - development of a hot water boiler / furnace

Vacuum cooker - even the most demanding devices - successfully constructed

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